Welcome to the all new Straight-Edge Wrestling weekly roundup. In this article we run down some of the top rumours, speculation and new items from the last 7 days in the world of wrestling. This week we look at ALL IN, WWE, Summerslam 2019, Kane and more…….

All in and Starrcast

I’ve been hearing some good things coming out of Starrcast, a lot of people are enjoying themselves and posting that they’re having the best time there and I’m glad for them. These kinds of event just make the business stronger so I’m all for it.

All In is tonight, when it was first announced it seemed like a pipe dream from Cody that was never going to come to fruition. I’m pleased that these guys have pulled this off and proven a lot of people wrong, a non-WWE show running such a big event is only a good thing. I’m sure it’ll be a great success, for the Straight-Edge predictions of All In head on over to our YouTube or ITunes for our podcast.

Raw & Smackdown

I don’t think too much of note happened on the shows this week. They’re really just setting up for Evolution and Super Show-Down at the moment so it’s kind of all over the place. The Trish Stratus appearance was exciting and fresh and was, for me, the highlight of Raw; Trish’s interactions with Elias were a lot of fun, Elias is such a good talker and at least we get something out of Trish before her appearance at Evolution. Kevin Owen’s “quitting” and walking out was good as well, maybe taking him off of TV for a while after using him as Braun’s whipping-boy for the last few months is a good thing, allow him time to heal his character.

Much like the Trish appearance on Raw, King Bookers re-emergence on Smackdown made for an entertaining opening segment. He and the New Day played so well off of each other and were genuinely funny for the most part.


WWE has confirmed to Dave Meltzer that Neville is no longer under contract, he was moved to their Alumni page on this week. It’s obviously been a long time coming and I should think that every wrestling company in the known universe will be wanting him right now, so I’m sure he’ll be extremely successful.

Jason Sensation

There was a situation with Jason Sensation on Monday night, Jason is best known for the skits he done during the Attitude Era where he impersonated wrestlers. Jason Tweeted out saying:

Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 14.40.40

Thankfully, it turned out to be untrue. Vince Russo reached out to him and confirmed that it was untrue and later the local police department said they were with Jason and that he was never at the arena that day. It was a true shit-show and a horrible situation for those in the arena who were aware of the threat.


Glenn ‘Kane’ Jacobs was sworn in this week as the Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee:

CM Punk

CM Punk made his first wrestling related appearance over the weekend, participating in a signing for PWTees in Chicago. Despite some Trollish earlier reports, Punk was extremely well received and people were saying how friendly and receptive he was to the whole thing. Punk Tweeting out:

Summerslam 2019

WWE officially announced that Toronto would be the host of Summerslam next year, an event which in recent years has boomeranged between Los Angeles and New York.

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