WOS Wrestling: Ratings

World of Sport Wrestling has not exactly gotten off to the start which many had anticipated, or hoped, that it would. It debuted at a rather underwhelming, but respectable 1.1 Million viewers only six weeks ago, commanding an 8% share of UK viewership.

The WATW on Twitter have reported that in its 6th week WOS Wrestling garnered a mere 0.4 million viewers.

This is a rather shockingly low figure, especially considering it was hot on the heels of WOS announcing a nationwide tour:

WOS has been met with staunch criticism since its re-emergence a little over a month ago. It has had the feel of a cheesy, cartoonish gameshow – which is not surprising as it has been placed in perhaps the worst possible time-slot for such a show. This was not the wrestling show that was needed; NXT UK is brining over fast-paced action, likely with edgy stories (if NXT is anything to go by) WOS has offered us neither.

Of course, this week’s show was at an earlier start time than it’s usual 5pm slot and that may account for some of the fall off as last the last two weeks had seen a gradual rise in the ratings. Nonetheless, one has to wonder how long until ITV pulls the plug. Only four more episodes left of the current recordings, we would have to expect that it will also be the last.

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