Crown Jewel Ticket Prices

Tickets for WWE’s controversial Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia were intended to be released on Friday October 19th but were delayed after the recognition by the Saudi state that they were responsible for the death of Washington post Journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Tickets are still not up for sale but prices are available on the  the official Saudi Arabian website with ticket prices being:

Singles:  25 SAR ($6.60 / £5)

Families: 25 SAR ($6.60 / £5)

VIP Singles: 50 SAR ($13 / £10)

VIP Families: 50 SAR ($13 / £10)

VIP Families Ground: 100 SAR ($26.60 / £20)

Screenshot 2018-10-21 15.22.14.png

If Crown Jewel ticketing is anything like those provided at the GRR event earlier this year it will include segregated seating, whereby single men must sit separate from families. At GRR the lower levels of the event were reserves exclusively for ‘Families’ and ‘VIP’s’ which caused some upset and controversy over this first event.

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