John Cena & Daniel Bryan Reportedly Refusing to go to Saudi Arabia

WWE have found themselves surrounded by nothing but negative press surrounding their controversial Crown Jewel event, set to take place in Saudi Arabia just weeks after the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi within the Saudi Arabian embassy in Turkey. For more detail on this case you can see previous articles on this page.

It was reported last week by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that some of the superstars and “all of the production staff” were not wanting to take part in the event.

Robbie Fox of Barstool Sports is now reporting that not only is Roman Reigns potentially injured but two of WWE’s biggest stars are reportedly refusing to take part in the event. 

It would seem that the ship has sailed on the likelihood of the event being cancelled as WWE management are steadfast in their desire to pursue the event. Whilst it has been noted that many superstars are against going with the show there are very few who have any real sway in the company.

Only time will tell if this has little to any impact on the planned course of action. Any further news concerning the stats of Roman Reigns’s potential injury has yet to come out. Although he did miss house shows over the weekend PWInsider is reporting that he was simply given time off.

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