Weekly Wrestling Roundup – Evolution Review, Crown Jewel, Roman Reigns

This has been one of the busiest news weeks in WWE history, listen to out audio weekly round up below or head over to iTunes to subscribe to out Podcast reviews by clicking the link to the right.

In this weeks round up we cover the Roman Reigns news, the Evolution PPV results and review as well as various pieces of Crown Jewel news.

Evolution Review (In-Brief)

This show did not have the greatest build in the world, in fact it was rather lost in the shuffle with Super Show-Down, Crown Jewel and SD 1000 all occuring at the same time.

However, this show not only met expectations but blew them out of the water. It may well be the most I have enjoyed a PPV this year.

Every single match on this card delivered last night and all of the women should be extremely proud of themselves for what they accomplished. Listen to our audio review for a full review, but my notes in brief:

  • Becky and Charlotte stole the show – This should have main evented and is very likely a match of the year. I have not enjoyed a match this much in a long time. A+
  • The Battle Royal was really enjoyable and Nia Jax is 100% the correct winner. Ember Moon was put over STRONG and I loved Tamina’s performance – really made her look like a monster again
  • Lita and Trish haven’t aged – This was absolutely the right way to start off the show, the crowd was HOT for everything on this show and this nostalgia kicked it off perfectly.

For more news and reviews listen to the above audio review or head over to Twitter @SEW_Podcast

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