JBL attacks Cody Rhodes on Twitter – says he’d “kill” him

Update – JBL has since deleted the tweets that were attached to this article so a screenshot has been put in their place. JBL has also since apologised for his poor choice of words which can be seen below.

Yesterday was John Bradshaw Layfield’s 52nd birthday and well… he used it to hate-tweet Cody Rhodes?

During the Dallas Cowboys v New Orleans Saints game last night the former WWE Champion decided to rather oddly hurl hate towards Cody, and Dusty.


It has been reported by PWInsider that WWE have signed one of the hottest stars on the European Indie circuit, Walter Hahn, better known as WALTER. 

WALTER had previously strongly denied any reports of him going to WWE, however it appears he did soon enter into negotiations with the company.

WALTER, just 31 years old has been a staple of the European scene over the past few years and has made a very big image and name for himself on the indie circuit. Standing at 6″4 and weighing over 300 lbs he has carved out a great niche for himself in the wrestling world as a rather athletic big-man.

It is reported that WALTER is finishing up his independent commitments and then will be heading over to the WWE’s developmental brand NXT and NXT UK as part of the “local globalisation” plan that WWE’s corporate team have been speaking about for the past year.

Walter v Will Ospreay for Defiant Wrestling

WWE v British Wrestling: How WWE are trying to tear apart UK Wrestling

Can’t say we didn’t see it coming…

Wrestletalk has reported that WWE have been issuing new contracts to their NXT UK talents following their latest tapings in Liverpool this weekend. The contracts included a reported pay rise, by how much we do not know but on the reverse side stop the talent from performing for other promotions in the UK.

The new terms are said to be extremely restrictive, stopping talent performing for ROH, NJPW, Impact or World of Sport or, crucially, wrestling against anyone contracted to these companies. This is a complete shift from their previous position has been said to apply immediately to all NXT UK talent.

The effects of this are sure to be very wide ranging as it means any indie show which has NXT UK stars already booked will have to find alternative arrangements and may well suffer as a result. 

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WWE will, however, allow talent to wrestle for promotions that they partner with, namely PROGRESS, RevPro, Defiant, ICW and wXw.

This is only good news for the WWE, it is a complete stranglehold by WWE toward the smaller independent shows throughout the UK who often rely on these homegrown names to draw a crowd. 

Wrestletalk note that this does not apply to all talent on the roster as not everyone was given a new contract, but does apparently apply to the majority of them.

Stars and promotions are beginning to react to the news, an quite understandably in a rather negative way.

Becky “The Man” Lynch owns Twitter

Becky Lynch has become a phenomenon within the wrestling community in the last couple of months. She has managed to get herself over not only in the ring, but is completely owning the Twitter game right now as well.

She started off last week with a little war of words with Chris Jericho saying that she got her concussion from listening to Fozzy’s latest album:

She then went back to setting her sights on Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey, who she has been getting the better of on Social Media for weeks 

But, perhaps the defining Twitter moment from “The Man” this week came in the form of the back and forth she had with UFC Legend Conor McGregor:

Becky even stirred up the rumour mill of Conor at Wrestlemania by saying that she hears he gets to NYC very quickly, alluding to his infamous Barclays Center fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Becky has gotten support from MMA journalist and commentator Ariel Hawani on his show, saying that she has “become a star” by going after Ronda and getting under her skin.

In short – Becky Lynch is on fire on social media right now and is keeping her name at the top of the news while she is out with a concussion. If you are not following the man… what are you doing? You will not regret it.

NXT UK Takeover Announced for January 2019

NXT and Triple H have been hyping major announcements at the Liverpool Tapings of NXT UK for a while now and they have just dropped the news that the NXT UK brands are to have their own Takeover events in 2019.

On January 12th 2019 NXTUK Takeover to be held at the Empress Ballroom in Blackpool.

The Takeover events have been a huge success in NXT and WWE look to continue this success with their UK brand.

This move is part of what Triple H and WWE have called their “local globalisation” plan of developing independent brands throughout the world underneath the WWE banner.

As another part of this move WWE have announced the launch of their UK performance center, the first of its kind outside of Orlando, Florida.

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WWE UK Performance Center On Its Way?

During the WWE Q3 conference call and report there was a lot of talk of what has been called WWE’s plan for “local globalisation” meaning WWE Centres and local shows in various countries around the world.

One of WWE’s leading markets for decades has been the United Kingdom, and it has been no secret that WWE has some big plans for their UK arm with the launch of NXT UK a few weeks ago.

During the Q3 conference call it was said that WWE wishes to open performance centers in Europe, India, the Middle East, and many other places. Well this may well be coming to fruition in at least one of those locations.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has reported that WWE has currently been working recently on developing their UK performance center.

Triple H and NXT have been hyping a huge announcement to be made at the Liverpool takings of NXT UK this weekend and it is expected that they will announce the launch of the performance center.

Wrestletalk is further reporting that Johnny Moss, Robbie Brookside, Johnny Kidd and Marty Jones will become coaches of this new Center.

This marks a significant investment by WWE into the UK wrestling scene, developing their first international base outside of North America.

Braun Strowman Injured – To Undergo Surgery

Braun Strowman has suffered a legitimate injury to his elbow.

It has been reported by multiple sources that Braun Strowman has ‘bone spurs’ in his elbow and as such his status for TLC is up in the air at the moment.

WWE shot an angle during Raw last night where Baron Corbin, Lashley and McIntyre put a beat down on Braun, Baron was shown crushing Braun arm between the steel steps at the end of the segment. 

POST Wrestling have reported that Braun will undergo surgery on his elbow later this week and that at present the hope is that he will be back for TLC.

Braun is scheduled to face Corbin at TLC,  it is doubtful that WWE would chose to announce that match last night had they been in doubt as to whether Braun would make it.