Raw Spoilers Tonight – HUGE Title Change

Scroll down for up-to-date spoilers from tonight’s Raw

Raw is coming from Manchester, England tonight and as such is being pre-recorded. I have got all the spoilers from tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw.

If you do not wish to have Raw spoiled back away now:

The Authors of Pain have won the Raw Tag Team Titles.

AOP went up against Seth Rollins in a handicap match after Dean Ambrose was not there to team with Seth. Baron Corbin announced that regardless of Deans absence that Seth would defend the titles… alone.

This is the first WWE tag title reign for AOP since joining the Raw roster.


  • Corbin will announce two 5 v 5 traditional survivor series matches of men and women Raw v Smackdown matches
  • Team Raw thus far consists of Dolph Drew and Braun for the men and Alexa Captaining the women.
  • Kurt v Corbin to determine the captain of the mens Raw team
  • Riott Squad v Natalya, Bayley & Sasha – no contest.
  • Apollo crews will defeat Jinder Mahal

  • Dolph v Elias after Dolph interrupts him leading to Elias beating Dolph
  • Ronda cuts a promo on Becky to heavy support for Becky
  • Nia Jax v Ember moon – Nia picks up the win followed by Tamina beating moon down which Nia joins in on. Nia and Tamina stand tall.
  • Main event changed to McIntyre v Kurt after Corbin leaves the building
  • Lashley v Finn ends with a lashley victory before Mcintyre lays Finn out with a claymore kick


These spoilers will be updated throughout the night

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