Smackdown Live Spoilers – Survivor Series News

Smackdown is emanating from Manchester, England tonight and as such it is a recorded show and we have all the up to date live spoilers from the show down below.

Current attendance looks to be rather poor, pictures show that half of the Manchester Arena is covered. Take this images with a pinch of salt as they were before show start time. However, having attended WWE’s last UK Raw and Smackdown shows it doesn’t seem too far fetched as both arenas then were only half filled.

  • Show kicks off with Shane and Paige (Shane reportedly coming out to boo’s) – they name Bryan survivor series team captain. Miz interrupts and both men are named co-captains.
  • The Uso’s v New Day – Uso’s pick up a clean win
  • AOP v The Bar confirmed for Survivor Series
  • Becky cuts a promo on Ronda – Nikki Cross DEBUT interrupts and goes after Becky
  • Becky on Ronda “I was not hand picked like you, but here I am!”
  • Nikki Cross v Becky –  Nikki taps out

  • Jeff Hardy v Samoa Joe announced for final survivor series spot
  • Mysterio v Almas – Rey wins and joins team Smackdown
  • Randy Orton with an RKO outta nowhere on Rey
  • Dark Match for the event is Randy Orton and Miz v AJ and Bryan
  • Paige begins announcing Smackdown’s women team – She chooses Carmella, Naomi, Sonya, Asuka and Charlotte
  • Mandy comes out instead of Charlotte
  • Jeff Hardy v Samoa Joe for the the last SS Team spot
  • Joe picks up the win – becoming the final member of Team Smackdown
  • Show closes on a huge bust up between the Smackdown men, with Bryan and Joe brawling before Shane interferes who also gets attacked by Bryan

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