Pre-Survivor Series Production Notes

According to numerous sources originating with a production script has been floating around which has several points of note for tonight’s Survivor Series show. (Note that this is all unverified by Straight Edge Entertainment as of writing)

  • NXT Star Lars Sullivan May be announced as debuting during tonight’s show
  • Nia Jax will likely take responsibility on the pre-show to delivering the punch to Becky that sidelined her and hype herself up over it
  • The following words are listed as being banned by WWE during the broadcast: belt, feud, strap, kill, hate, stupid, hell, ass, violence, fake, revenge, Number One Contender, in the back, National Television, DQ, spot and girls -Some of these make sense, whilst others are debatable, and I will have more on this tomorrow.
  • WWE will be pushing home the fact that PPV’s now have an earlier start time
  • Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss will undergo concussion testing  
  • Charlotte will likely hint at the four horsewomen during a promo
  • An angle will be shot regarding Ruby Riot breaking Natalya’s sunglasses from Jim Neidhart

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