WWE v British Wrestling: How WWE are trying to tear apart UK Wrestling

Can’t say we didn’t see it coming…

Wrestletalk has reported that WWE have been issuing new contracts to their NXT UK talents following their latest tapings in Liverpool this weekend. The contracts included a reported pay rise, by how much we do not know but on the reverse side stop the talent from performing for other promotions in the UK.

The new terms are said to be extremely restrictive, stopping talent performing for ROH, NJPW, Impact or World of Sport or, crucially, wrestling against anyone contracted to these companies. This is a complete shift from their previous position has been said to apply immediately to all NXT UK talent.

The effects of this are sure to be very wide ranging as it means any indie show which has NXT UK stars already booked will have to find alternative arrangements and may well suffer as a result. 

Image result for wwe nxt uk

WWE will, however, allow talent to wrestle for promotions that they partner with, namely PROGRESS, RevPro, Defiant, ICW and wXw.

This is only good news for the WWE, it is a complete stranglehold by WWE toward the smaller independent shows throughout the UK who often rely on these homegrown names to draw a crowd. 

Wrestletalk note that this does not apply to all talent on the roster as not everyone was given a new contract, but does apparently apply to the majority of them.

Stars and promotions are beginning to react to the news, an quite understandably in a rather negative way.

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