Ronda Rousey Potentially LEAVING WWE Soon

The Wrestling Observer and Dave Meltzer are reporting that Ronda Rousey will most likely be done with WWE as of Wrestlemania 35.

It has been no secret that Ronda only intended to be in WWE for a limited time as she has very publicly made it known that she wishes to start up a family with her husband very shortly and settle down into a quieter life.

If this report is correct then it would seem that the planned Becky Lynch v Ronda match at Mania will likely be Ronda putting Becky over as her parting gift – something which i’m sure would go over HUGE with the fans at mania.

When Ronda joined WWE she vowed to give it her all and has been a huge success for the WWE both inside and outside of the ring. Ronda surprised a lot of people by carrying out a close to full-time schedule with the company, performing at some house shows, international tours and appearing on the majority of PPV’s.

This is not to say that Ronda would be severing her ties with the company entirely as she has not had any issues within the WWE and so would likely always have an open door to return should she want to for one off runs.

Of course, as Meltzer has noted, Vince McMahon is known to try and make surprises and changes around Wrestlemania season and i’m sure he would like to be able to do that with Ronda here and have her stay on for longer if he can.

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