Kenny Omega is All In in AEW

All Elite Wrestling are holding their Double or Nothing ticket release party tonight from the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Lots of news came out of the Pool Party but perhaps the biggest news was that Kenny Omega, the long-rumoured member of AEW, has finally joined the All Elite roster.

The man who many believe to be the best wrestler in the world today has been the missing link in the AEW picture for the last few months due to contractual reasons.

Omega said that he did not wish to have everyone wait so long but legalities stopped him announcing sooner. This is as a result of his contract with New Japan Wrestling which expired on February 1st 2019. He said he put his name on his AEW contract just this morning.

While Omega was talking Chris Jericho interrupted and a brawl occurred. Leading to what we presume will be a match at the Double or Nothing event, although nothing is confirmed as of yet.

The Cleaner said he was here to change the world, and that in AEW he finally gets to really show it with the rest of The Elite.

We will have all the latest as it comes out in the days ahead. Follow us on Twitter @SEW_Podcast

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