WWE’s 2019 Tour Schedule Revealed by Court Documents

WWE filed court documents in New Jersey in advance of next weeks Wrestlemania 35 to attempt to prohibit people selling knockoff merchandise outside of Metlife and other WWE venues.

However, within that filing WWE had to release their tentative 2019 schedule which includes dates for their Saudi Arabia shows, UK tours and more. See the full listing below:

WWE Moving Headquarters, Selling Titan Towers

WWE is selling their legendary offices in Stamford, Connecticut known as Titan Towers. The company has been in this location since 1985 and it has featured as the center point of numerous angles and video packages throughout the years.

However WWE has sent out a press release announcing that they are moving their global headquarters to a huge new complex in Connecticut. This is what WWE had to say about the move:

WWE (NYSE:WWE) today announced that the company will move its global headquarters to a new office complex at 677 Washington Boulevard in Stamford, Connecticut. This move will allow the company to bring together its operations, including its production studios and corporate offices at its new site.

One of the most important elements necessary to execute WWE’s long-term growth strategy is world-class talent collaborating seamlessly to create compelling content. Our workplace initiative will be the foundation to meet these objectives and underpins our ability to deliver long-term value,” said George Barrios, WWE Co-President.

The new headquarters will provide the company with work space suited to its growing and evolving workforce. The site in Stamford’s central business district provides greater access from various means of transportation, floor plans which are well-suited to producing video content and greater flexibility in workplace design. The Company anticipates that it will move to the new headquarters in early 2021.”

WWE’s new headquarters has apparently been signed on 16 year deal which will start in early 2021. The move will see the sale of Titan Towers so as to merge the existing corporate offices with their production studios which are currently on a seperate site.

You can see images of the new site below:

Titan Towers was the setting for the WWF’s legendary SuperBowl commercial back in 1998 which you can see below for a look inside he famous office building:

WWE NEWS: Bruce Prichard’s Role, Jim Ross’s contract, Wrestlemania and more

Bruce Prichard

Bruce Prichard was rehired by WWE a few weeks ago as a full-time employee, after having secretly been a consultant since January. His role within WWE was unknown, but it is now being said that he has been made a senior Vice President of WWE and is being positioned in a very key role.

Mike Johnson of PWInsider has speculated that Bruce is likely making more money now than he has ever made in his career.

There is something of note with this rehire which is that Stephanie McMahon is the reason Bruce was fired by WWE 10 years ago as the pair never saw eye to eye. Of course, the structure of WWE and the role of Stephanie is different to what it was in 2009 but the power dynamic in the office right now is very interesting and will no doubt be of much discussion.

Jim Ross

JR has been unused by WWE for a few years now and yet still remains under contract. However, that is about to change as Jim’s contract is due to come to an end on March 29th. The legendary commentator has been with WWE for 26 years but has stated that he needs to “move on“.

There have been rumblings about JR’s possible role with AEW and Ross believes he is still able to do play-by-play commentary and would love to continue doing so, but unfortunately WWE do not believe that’s the case.

Wrestlemania 36

WWE have officially announced that Wrestlemania 36 will be held in Tampa Bay, Florida on April 5th 2020. They ran a press conference today with Hulk Hogan, Roman Reigns, Triple H and others speaking about the event.

Jeff Jarrett

Double JJ was hired by WWE a number of weeks ago to be a backstage producer but it has com to light that he has now been positioned into a creative role within the company.

He has been placed in a full-time executive level role within the creative team and is not simply being used as a writer.

This marks just one of the many huge backstage changes that have been happening over the past couple of months with hires such as Abyss, Sonjay Dutt and Pritchard. In addition to this, Paul Heyman has been positioned in a much greater role backstage – having been intimately involved in all things Ronda Rousey and Brock Lesnar.

WWE Announce First Ever PPV Watch Along for Fastlane

WWE have announced that for the first time ever they will be live streaming a watch along party for the Fastlane PPV event this Sunday where you can get live reactions and commentary from an array of superstars and guests. Below is the full press release from WWE:

This Sunday, you’re invited to the ultimate WWE Fastlane party. WWE Superstars and Legends will join host Pat McAfee to watch WWE Fastlane backstage at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, and you can watch with them live on YouTubeFacebook and Twitter

Guests who will be popping in and out of this special WWE Watch Along livestream include 
Alexa Bliss, The New Day, Mustafa Ali, The IIconics, NatalyaBeth PhoenixChristian and Cathy Kelley. And that’s just the names we know so far. There’s no telling who might crash this party.

You’ll hear candid commentary from our guests, get live reactions from the Superstars after some of the night’s 
biggest matches, and might even have the opportunity to throw out some questions and commentary of your own.

You won’t want to miss WWE Watch Along, so tune in to 
WWE Fastlane, streaming live on Sunday, March 10, at 7 ET/4 PT on the award-winning WWE Network, and watch along with the Superstars on YouTubeFacebook and Twitter

Triple H and Vince McMahon Salaries and more Corporate News

WWE posted their 2018 SEC Annual stockholders meeting filing on Tuesday March 6th, the 48-page document includes a number of little pieces of information including the pay of WWE’s top executives, XFL news and other little bits of information.

Triple H

Triple H is both WWE’s Executive VP of Talent, Live Events and Creative and one of the biggest stars signed to the company. As such, he is privy to a certain number of bonuses. As part of his executive position Triple H earned just under $2 million in 2018 including a base salary of $678,875.

His contract as an independent contract wrestler earned him an additional $3 million. For his wrestling appearances Triple H is guaranteed $1 Million a year but the filing shows us that he performed more than what is required in his contract, the filing says “Mr. Levesque has out-earned this minimum guarantee in each of the past several years

The filing also states that Triple H has use of the company’s private jet, which is not new information, and that the cost is covered by Vince McMahon personally:

“The agreement allows Mr. McMahon and members of his immediate family to use the Company’s aircraft for personal travel when it is not being used for business purposes. Personal use of the jet is paid for by Mr. McMahon so that no incremental cost is incurred by the Company”

Vince McMahon

As Chairman and CEO of WWE Vince receives a substantial base salary each year, earning $1.4 Million before bonuses and stock – a base salary which has not increased for some years unlike all other executives. After bonuses and incentives Vince earned $5.6 million last year from his employment with WWE.

Forbes this week also listed Vince as being worth $3.2 Billion – which is a huge increase from his estimated $1.7 Billion wealth the year prior.

“In 2018, Mr. McMahon’s employment agreement was amended to allow him to participate in the organization, ownership and operations of Alpha Entertainment, Inc. in connection with its XFL professional football league”

Stephanie McMahon also received around $2.81 Million for her roles within WWE last year

Shane McMahon, who is not an executive of the company, received $955,175 for his performance fee and royalties in 2018.


Also of some note is the mention of Vince McMahon’s new company Alpha Entertainment and the reboot of the XFL. WWE have been providing certain administrative support for Alpha and XFL:

“WWE sold certain intellectual property rights relating to XFL to Alpha for a payment in the amount of $1 million; and WWE entered into a support services agreement under which WWE provides Alpha certain administrative support services on a cost-plus margin basis. During the year ended December 31, 2018, Alpha was billed approximately $1,305,000 for services under the administrative support services agreement, of which $474,000 was due at year end and subsequently paid”

NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa Injured

In a huge blow to Tommaso Ciampa and the NXT scene, the NXT Champion is going to be out of action for the foreseeable future.

It has been reported by WON that Ciampa is set to have surgery on his neck within the next few days and as such will not be able to compete for quite some time. Meltzer has speculated that it could be anywhere upto 16 months depending on the type of surgery – which is not known right now.

Ciampa had been pulled from a number of appearances over the past week. It has been known for some weeks that Ciampa was working hurt and was going to have to take some time post-Wrestlemania. However, it appears that something has occured to mean that this is no longer possible.

This leaves the NXT: Takeover Brooklyn card up in air as the planned Gargano/Ciampa match obviously cannot take place. It also means a new NXT champion needs to be crowned. What this means for Gargano’s main roster debut and push we don’t yet know either, as Gargano was working as part of the reformed DIY on Raw and Smackdown.

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