Triple H and Vince McMahon Salaries and more Corporate News

WWE posted their 2018 SEC Annual stockholders meeting filing on Tuesday March 6th, the 48-page document includes a number of little pieces of information including the pay of WWE’s top executives, XFL news and other little bits of information.

Triple H

Triple H is both WWE’s Executive VP of Talent, Live Events and Creative and one of the biggest stars signed to the company. As such, he is privy to a certain number of bonuses. As part of his executive position Triple H earned just under $2 million in 2018 including a base salary of $678,875.

His contract as an independent contract wrestler earned him an additional $3 million. For his wrestling appearances Triple H is guaranteed $1 Million a year but the filing shows us that he performed more than what is required in his contract, the filing says “Mr. Levesque has out-earned this minimum guarantee in each of the past several years

The filing also states that Triple H has use of the company’s private jet, which is not new information, and that the cost is covered by Vince McMahon personally:

“The agreement allows Mr. McMahon and members of his immediate family to use the Company’s aircraft for personal travel when it is not being used for business purposes. Personal use of the jet is paid for by Mr. McMahon so that no incremental cost is incurred by the Company”

Vince McMahon

As Chairman and CEO of WWE Vince receives a substantial base salary each year, earning $1.4 Million before bonuses and stock – a base salary which has not increased for some years unlike all other executives. After bonuses and incentives Vince earned $5.6 million last year from his employment with WWE.

Forbes this week also listed Vince as being worth $3.2 Billion – which is a huge increase from his estimated $1.7 Billion wealth the year prior.

“In 2018, Mr. McMahon’s employment agreement was amended to allow him to participate in the organization, ownership and operations of Alpha Entertainment, Inc. in connection with its XFL professional football league”

Stephanie McMahon also received around $2.81 Million for her roles within WWE last year

Shane McMahon, who is not an executive of the company, received $955,175 for his performance fee and royalties in 2018.


Also of some note is the mention of Vince McMahon’s new company Alpha Entertainment and the reboot of the XFL. WWE have been providing certain administrative support for Alpha and XFL:

“WWE sold certain intellectual property rights relating to XFL to Alpha for a payment in the amount of $1 million; and WWE entered into a support services agreement under which WWE provides Alpha certain administrative support services on a cost-plus margin basis. During the year ended December 31, 2018, Alpha was billed approximately $1,305,000 for services under the administrative support services agreement, of which $474,000 was due at year end and subsequently paid”

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