WWE Writer Fired Over Hall of Fame Speech

UPDATE: Fightful are reporting that Robert Evans in fact DID quit over the Hall of Fame speech and did not get fired. He is said to have approached Vince in gorilla after finding out he was upset shook his hand and quit.

As reported by PWInsider,WWE creative team member Robert Evans was reportedly fired from his position over a speech he helped to produce for the WWE Hall of Fame on April 6th.

It has long been known that Vince McMahon has only a few rules for Hall of Fame speeches and that one of them is that he is not mentioned or thanked in the speech itself. Evans reportedly took the blame for a speech during the event which he produced which directly mentioned Vince McMahon.

Evans was thn reportedly fired on the spot by Vince in the Gorilla position whilst the ceremony was still on going.

Only two speeches mentioned Vince directly, D-Generation X made jokes of the fact you cannot mention the boss and also Bret Hart told a story concerning Vince’s first reaction to The Hart Foundation.

X-Pac on his 1,2,360 podcast mentioned that someone was fired for producing Bret’s speech.

Robert Evans has since posted an update on his twitter saying the following:

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