Pat McAfee almost quit WWE following Michael Cole argument at Wrestlemania

Pat McAfee revealed on his show this week that he almost quit his dream job with WWE following an altercation with Michael Cole in Gorilla Position just moments before he was due to go on air at Wrestlemania 35.

McAfee noted that Cole publically shouted at him for wearing tuxedo shorts for his role on the Wrestlemania pre-show. He was told specifically not to wear his signature jean shorts but no other instruction.

McAfee says that Michael Cole told him “‘You look unprofessional, you look sloppy.’ He was like, yelling at me in front of all these people that I’ve looked up to for so long.”

Pat says he stood up, left Gorilla and said to another staff member that they can go and “tell Michael Cole to go fuck himself” and that he was leaving as he would not be spoken to like a child in front of those people and that he doesn’t need this job. He was convinced to stay when another employee went to speak to Vince McMahon who had no issue with the Tuxedo shorts and in fact was annoyed at Michael Cole and the production staff for their errors in producing the kick off show.

McAfee says that Michael Cole came and sincerely apologised to him and that he accepted the apology as Cole said he was looking out for Pat and was worried what Vince’s reaction would be. McAfee went on to say that this all went down just moment before he was due on air. You can see his full discussion on the incident below:

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