WWE Raw Ratings up From Last weeks Historic Low

Last week WWE hit historic low ratings for both Smackdown Live and Monday Night Raw, falling below 2 million viewers for the first time in the blue brands history since they went live.

The viewership for this weeks Raw was up 3.7% on last week:

  • Hour 1: 2.468 Million
  • Hour 2: 2.240 Million
  • Hour 3 2.024 Million

Whilst these rating are an increase on last weeks historic low there was over 400,000 people who tuned out before the third hour started despite the lure of a huge WWE title main event.

This weeks Raw saw some major attempts to increase this rating, including a “wild card” which would see 3/4 superstars from Smackdown appearing on Raw and those from the Red brand appearing on Tuesdays as well.

As well as this two Wrestlemania rematches were held, including Roman Reigns v Drew McIntyre and a WWE title match seeing Kofi v Bryan. The latter of which was without doubt a potential PPV level rematch being given away on TV.

As well as this WWE were not posting online videos to YouTube and other social media whilst the show was on the air like they usually do, as the belief internally is that this had an impact on people watching the live product.

The improvement in the rating this week is a move in the right direction, of course whether or not this increase in sustainable is yet to be seen. With Wrestlemania rematches and a WWE title main event you would not hope to see 16% of your audience tune out before this key match even started.

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