AEW ‘All Out’ Tickets More Sought After Than Wrestlemania 35 Tickets

In case you missed it, AEW are running their second major show, called ‘All Out’, in Chicago on August 31st in the same arena as the show which started all of this last year ‘All In’.

Tickets for All Out sold out in a mere 15 minutes this past Friday but this is not the biggest news coming out of this. Whilst a great achievement selling out the 10,000 seat Sears center, the real achievement is how many people were actively trying to buy tickets for the event.

The early estimates for numbers of tickets that could have been sold to the event are totalling upward of 137,600. More than 70,000 people were waiting in the virtual queues at any one time to try their hand at getting All Out Tickets.

Dave Meltzer said on WON that he has never heard of such demand for a wrestling show and that it is unprecedented and likened it to the UFC’s Silva fight in Brazil which had demand of around 150,000 for a 16,000 seat arena.

Wrestlemania this year, while a legitimate sell out at over 75,000 tickets took weeks to become a full sell out. This is on on the heels of the fact that this Sunday WWE are holding their Stomping Grounds PPV and are struggling to sell tickets.

WWE have, as of writing, been offering buy one get one free on tickets as well as handing out free tickets to the neighbouring area and have closed off several sections of the Tacoma Dome. still shows dozens of tickets available in every section of the building that is open for sale.

Call it beginners luck if you want, however it is undeniable that AEW is sought after right now and has a traction behind it which WWE has lacked for some time.

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