WWE Network Reveal Tier System For Subscribers

WWE’s Co-Vice President George Barrios sat down for an interview with The Verge this week where he discussed the WWE Network in depth, including the much talked about tiered system finally becoming a reality.

There will be three tiers, including a free subscription model which will be mainly videos you can find on WWE.com or WWE’s YouTube but will also include other content.

Here’s what Barrios had to say about the three tiers:

Free: This will offer the same free-to-watch videos you’d normally find on WWE.com. Barrios said WWE might also offer timed previews of paid WWE Network content.”

Regular: The standard WWE Network experience, combining free content with subscription benefits like live pay-per-views, on-demand streaming, and original programming.”

Premium: “We think there’s also an opportunity to super-serve our most passionate Network subscribers with a premium tier that’ll bring together more content for them, more features for them, and also integrating some of our other non-video services like our commerce — potentially integrating something like free shipping, bringing together our digital ticketing efforts in there. It becomes the one place to experience everything WWE.” Barrios didn’t disclose how much WWE might charge for the premium tier.”

Barrios also said that 4K integration is not to be expected anytime soon; although the company has experimented with 4K technology, they have no time frame for releasing it.

Another interesting note from the interview is the upcoming “download to go” feature which already exists on apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. This would allow for the user to download content to their device to watch anywhere they want without an internet connection.

There is no release date for the tiered system yet but with the recent upgrade to the Network system and overhaul of the design it is likely that it will be coming pretty soon.

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