Spoilers for Next Week’s Raw – Street Fights, Paul Heyman and More

If you do not want next to find out what is going to happen during next week’s December 24th edition of Raw do not look below. Below is the complete spoilers for the Christmas eve edition of Monday night Raw.

  • Elias opens the show with a Christmas song leading into a Miracle on 34th Street Fight between Elias and Lashley. Elias picks up the win after hitting Lashley with a violin.
  •  (Raw Tag Team Title Match): Bobby Roode and Chad Gable defeat The Revival. 
  • Drew McIntyre v Dolph Ziggler v Finn Balor – Finn will pick up the win, pinning Ziggler for the victory.
  • Sasha, Ember and Bayley pick up a win over Alicia Fox, Dana Brooke and Mickie James
  • Paul Heyman cuts a promo on how Brock Lesnar is going to defeat Braun Strowman at Royal Rumble.
  • Braun comes to the ring and humiliates Heyman, dressing him up in Christmas clothes
  • Women’s Title Match: Ronda Rousey defeats Natalya with an Armbar
  • Heath Slater v Jinder Mahal –  Heath picks up the win via DQ after the Singh brothers interfere
  • Rhyno returns and hits Jinder with a gore
  • In the main event Seth Rollins will defeat Baron Corbin with a curb stomp

WWE TLC 2018 Predictions

This is our 2018 WWE TLC predictions, this is a rather stacked looking card during some rather tiresome and troubling times for WWE Programming with record low ratings and huge complainancy and disillusionment with the company,

Adam and Tyler both put in predictions for this show and they are listed below, they are also in video format here:

Natalya v Ruby Riot (Tables)                             Tyler: Ruby         Adam: Ruby

R-Truth and Carmella v Jinder and Alicia     Tyler: Truth/Carmella     Adam: Truth/ Carmella

Elias v Bobby Lashley                            Tyler: Bobby                        Adam: Bobby

Finn Balor v Drew McIntyre                  Tyler: Drew                        Adam: Drew

Rey Mysterio v Randy Orton                  Tyler: Rey                          Adam: Randy

Buddy Murphy v Cedric                           Tyler: Buddy                     Adam: Buddy

Braun Strowman v Corbin                       Tyler: Braun                     Adam: Braun

The Bar v The Usos v The New Day      Tyler: The Usos                 Adam: The New Day

Seth Rollins v Dean Ambrose                 Tyler: Dean                       Adam: Seth  

Ronda v Nia Jax                                          Tyler: Ronda                     Adam: Ronda

Daniel Bryan v AJ Styles                           Tyler: Bryan                     Adam: Bryan

Becky v Charlotte v Asuka                       Tyler: Becky                     Adam: Becky

Vince McMahon Returns to Raw This Monday

WWE has announced that WWE Chairman and CEO will be returning to Monday Night Raw next week.

The recent decline in Raw ratings has fed into recent storylines on Raw where Seth Rollins has blamed the poor performance of Raw on General Manager Baron Corbin.

WWE Announced the huge appearance of Vince McMahon by saying:

WWE Chairman and CEO Mr. McMahon will return to the red brand to shake things up, WWE.com can confirm.

Whatever it is that Mr McMahon has in store for Raw this week it’ll no doubt be the talk of the show and not to be missed.

This move can only mean one thing, WWE are looking at the needle moving the wrong way and they are coming to the realisation that something needs to change.

Raw comes hot on the heels of TLC this Sunday and will be hotly anticipated.

News on Smackdown Fox TV Deal

Earlier this year WWE signed a huge five year deal with Fox Sports which will be worth more than $1 Billion over the course of the deal to WWE. This agreement sees Smackdown make the switch in October 2019 and we have been learning more and more about this lucrative deal over the past few months.

Numerous sources have reported that Fox are looking for a more sports orientated programme and wishes numerous changes to occur to the blue brand. WWE reportedly flew UFC Champion Daniel Cormier in for a tryout for a commentary role as a means to add legitimacy to the brand.

There has been similar reports from the Wrestling Inc that Ronda Rousey may also be being making the jump from Raw to Smackdown as she is seen as lending credibility to the brand.

The latest news to come out of the deal is that Fox is reportedly seeking around 3.3 million weekly viewers from Smackdown per Dave Meltzer.

The only issue with this comes when you start to look at the recent trend in WWE and Smackdown viewership figures which have been hitting record low ratings. This weeks, December 11th 2018, edition of Smackdown garnered 1.977 million viewers – slightly up from the Dec 4th edition.

Of course, Fox broadcasting is available in many more homes across the United States than the current USA Network so viewership will likely pick up initially. However if WWE can retain any initial boost they will receive remains to be seen.

Smackdown’s viewership for the past few months are below:

  • Sept 4 – 2.32 million
  • Sept 11 – 2.23 million
  • Sept 18 – 2.28 million
  • Sept 25 – 2.19 million
  • Oct 2 – 2.1 million
  • Oct 9 – 2.1 million
  • Oct 16 – 2.55 million
  • Oct 23 – 2.09 million
  • Oct 30 – 2.11 million 
  • Nov 6 – 2.1 million 
  • Nov 13 – 2.31 million
  • Nov 20 – 2.15 million 
  • Nov 27 – 2.26 million 
  • Dec 4 – 1.95 million 

“The Dynamite Kid” Tom Billington Passes Away, Age 60

British Wrestling legend Tom “The Dynamite Kid” Billington has sadly passed away on his 60th birthday.

The sad news was announced today by wrestling legend Marty Jones on Twitter, who was good friends with Billington. He broke the news by saying:

Billington is often regarded as being one of the greatest in-ring performers of all time, his style and technique has been emulated by countless stars throughout the years. Legends such as Bret Hart have often said that Billington is an all time great, years beyond his time.

Although an often controversial figure throughout his life, Billington achieved fame during his infamous run with his Cousin Davey Boy Smith the British Bulldog , where he was one half of the great tag team ‘The British Bulldogs‘ who won the WWF Tag Team titles at Wrestlemania 3.

His career was cut short due to a series of health problems stemming from his in-ring career and in his later life suffered greatly with his legs and back and was left in a wheelchair.

Tom “Dynamite Kid” Billington will be remembered by fans and wrestlers around the world for being one of the all-time greatest performers to ever lace up a pair of boots and an inspiration to many brom Britain and beyond.

WWE CFO George Barrios talks Vince McMahon, Social Media, Indian Market, Succession

WWE’s Co-President and Chief Financial Officer George Barrios spoke at the UBS Global conference on December 3rd. The full video/audio of this 40-minute speech can be seen below thanks to the Wrestlenomics Podcast.

Some of, what I see as being, the key parts of Barrios’s talk are below:

Social Media

Barrios says that Vince called an impromptu meeting in his office where he told senior staff that WWE has to own the social media game and required them all to write weekly briefs on what they were doing to make this happen.

He says that 20% of WWE’s content consumption comes from YouTube,as they are now doing around 2 billion views per month on the social media platform. They have 950 million social media followers

Consumption of Product

Barrios repeatedly referred back to the India deals and the emerging market that is India as a cornerstone of the future development of the company’s international growth.

India is the largest consumer of WWE video products. He says that around half of homes in India with broadband access have some kind of affinity with WWE be that an avid fan, or a lapsed fan.

However, one very key line that he said here was that international accounted for 70% of engagement but only 30% of revenue –meaning their primary income is, by far, emanating from North America.

One very striking statistic thrown out by Barrios is that the average number of hours a WWE Network subscriber spends watching content is 200 hours per subscriber per year.


Barrios was asked whether WWE sees UFC as competition, to which he replied yes but they see all brands as competition. Any form of media that takes viewership time away from the WWE product is a competitor: be it Fortnite, NBA or YouTube Vloggers.

The Line of Succession

Barrios was asked about who would take the helm of WWE onceVince is no longer around. Barrios simply points out that Stephanie and Triple H are in great positions of power and that the board continually discusses succession planning.

He says that the infrastructure is “broad and deep” and goes beyond one person.

Kenny Omega HBO Documentary Set To Air in the New Year?

Kenny Omega and the Golden Lovers story are set to be the feature of an upcoming HBO documentary that will air in the new year.

This is according to Canadian musician Joseph Shabason, who appeared on Vish Khanna’s Kreative Kontrol podcast. At around 55 minutes into the podcast Shabason says the following:

I just finished a documentary about a wrestler. That’s going to be coming out on HBO in the New Year, which is going to be really exciting.

It’s a wrestler named Kenny Omega. He’s a wrestler from Winnipeg, but went to Japan and formed this tag team called the Golden Lovers, which was sort of like the first ever queer storyline in wrestling … I was really happy with scoring that

 The full interview can be heard here on the Kreative Kontrol podcast.

Nothing has been officially confirmed by HBO or Kenny Omega as of writing this but that are some unconfirmed reports that HBO was filming in and around Winnipeg earlier this year.

We will keep you updated as and when more information on this reported project comes to light.

Will Ospreay DREAM Match Announced

Revolution Pro UK have announced their High Stakes event for February 15th 2019 at the famous York Hall venue in London.

The show will feature none other than ‘The Arial Assassin‘ Will Ospreay taming on former WWE Superstar PAC formally known as Neville.

Ospreay has said in the past that this is a dream match of his, one he even wishes could happen at Wrestle Kingdom, regardless, I’m sure it will not be one to miss.

Ospreay has been out injured for some time now, following his match with Chris Ridgeway at Global Wars earlier this year. This is therefore a good sign that the renowned high-flyer is on the med and making a full recovery.

If you are part of RevPro’s mailing list pre-sale starts tomorrow and I’m sure these tickets will sell out in no time.

Update (9pm 3/12/18):  Tickets, unsurprisingly, sold out in RECORD time today, making it the fastest sell out of York Hall ever.

We will be in attendance in February with all the coverage

NXT Takeover Date Change on ‘Mania Weekend

It is reported that WWE have made the decision to change the date for their NXT: Takeover New York event from Saturday April 6th to Friday April 5th.

This change means that WWE are reverting back to their old Wrestlemania weekend schedule which will see the Hall of Fame take place on Saturday instead.

Whether this is a strategic move to avoid a clash with the New Japan and Ring of Honor Madison Square Garden event which is scheduled for Saturday April 6th is unknown. However, it seems likely that WWE would wish to maximise their reach for NXT Takeover.

This is good news for wrestling fans in New York that weekend who were stuck trying to decide which show to see live.

WWE released a press release to Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, stating:

“WWE will be going back to its previous WrestleMania Week schedule with NXT TakeOver on Friday, April 5 and the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony on Saturday, April 6. We believe this better serves our fans.”


It has been reported by PWInsider that WWE have signed one of the hottest stars on the European Indie circuit, Walter Hahn, better known as WALTER. 

WALTER had previously strongly denied any reports of him going to WWE, however it appears he did soon enter into negotiations with the company.

WALTER, just 31 years old has been a staple of the European scene over the past few years and has made a very big image and name for himself on the indie circuit. Standing at 6″4 and weighing over 300 lbs he has carved out a great niche for himself in the wrestling world as a rather athletic big-man.

It is reported that WALTER is finishing up his independent commitments and then will be heading over to the WWE’s developmental brand NXT and NXT UK as part of the “local globalisation” plan that WWE’s corporate team have been speaking about for the past year.

Walter v Will Ospreay for Defiant Wrestling