Crown Jewel News – Cena, Bryan and Renee Young

Crown Jewel is going full steam ahead in Saudi Arabia this Friday, despite huge controversy and rebellion from fans and the media. Yet again this week HBO’s award winning Last Week Tonight with John Oliver let out a tirade against WWE for their propaganda campaign, womens attendance and continued support of SA.

John Cena and Daniel Bryan Out?

There have been rumours swirling for the last two weeks concerning John Cena and Daniel Bryan refusing to travel to Saudi Arabia.

John Cena had been previously booked to be a part of the World Cup tournament as part of the show and had been a part of WWE advertising for the event. This week on Raw Cena was replaced on-screen in the tournament by Bobby Lashley.

Similarly, Bryan was scheduled to go up against AJ Styles for the WWE Championship. This match however went ahead last night on Smackdown instead, with AJ Styles picking up the win.

AJ Styles is now expected to face Samoa Joe for the WWE Title at Crown Jewel this Friday as a replacement match.

Renee Young at Crown Jewel?

It has been reported by Pro Wrestling Sheet that Renee Young is set to travel with WWE to Saudi Arabia to act as part of the Raw commentary team.

At this time it is unclear how her role will be handled as women in Saudi Arabia are subject to a number of onerous state controls. At the Greatest Royal Rumble event back in April women were not allowed on the show and the Saudi General Sports Authority had to even release an apology after a promotional video was showing including women.