Alberto Del Rio Arrested After Alleged Sexual Assault

Former WWE World Champion Alberto Del Rio, real name Jose Rodriguez Chucuan, was arrested on May 9th. This came after police responded to a report from May 4th that he had assaulted a woman, causing her multiple injuries.

Fox San Antonio reporter that he had slapped the victim across the head twice and then dragged her downstairs and forced her to put on a dress and dance for him threatening that if she cried he would take her son and drop him in the middle of the road somewhere.

The arrest report alleges that Chucuan sexually assaulted the victim and she had her injuries photographed.

1999 Meets 2018 In This Smackdown 1000 Mashup Video

WWE have released an updated take on their classic 1999 Smackdown intro video containing modern day WWE Superstars in celebration of their 1000th episode which airs tomorrow night, 15/10. 


… and here is the original version in all it’s glory:


Smackdown 1000 comes live tomorrow night and promises a number of surprises as well as including an Evolution reunion, appearances from The Undertaker, Edge and the return of the legendary Rey Mysterio.

I will be tweeting along live which you can follow by clicking here.

NXT UK Tag Titles Unveiled Tonight

Tonight at the NXT UK tapings in Plymouth Triple H and GM Johnny Saint unveiled the brand new NXT UK Tag Team Titles which you can see below in the official WWE release:

NXT UK is set to debut on the WWE Network this Wednesday at 8pm GMT / 3pm ET.

Raw Ratings at All-Time Low

The September 24th edition of WWE Flagship programme Monday Night Raw hit an all time low with last night’s broadcast. The product lost more than 300,000 viewers from last weeks show according to ShowBuzzdaily and TV by the Numbers.

Last nights Raw averaged 2.3 million viewers, down from 2.67 million for last weeks episode.

ShowBuzzDaily’s ratings analytics show us that Raw dropped from 4th to 6th place between the first and third hours of Raw. 

WEEKLY Roundup – HIAC, Matt Hardy, Batista

This weeks Straight Edge Weekly Roundup, September 16th edition, covers news in the build up to Hell in a Cell 2018, comments from Batista, Stephanie McMahon, Matt Hardy, WOS Ratings and more…

A New Hell in A Cell?

WWE released a live stream of the Hell in a Cell structure being built last night at the AT&T Centre in Texas and it would appear that the new cell is red.


Why exactly this change has been made is unknown at the moment, as is what the cage will look like on screen tonight.

Matt Hardy Retirement?

Speculation has been rife over the past few months concerning Matt Hardy’s health and whether or not his in-ring days were coming to an end. It was reported that Hardy had been suffering after it was found that his back was fusing with his pelvis. Last night Matt Tweeted out a video saying he was heading home and that it was likely that he had wrestled his last match, see the video below:

Whatever happens to Matt from here he was undoubtedly one of the most influential performers of all time. His mind for the business has given us some of the most interesting and popular moments in wrestling history over the past two decades. He proved time and again that he was able to change with the times, moving from the ever-popular Hardy Boys into the bizarre Broken Matt in recent years. I have no doubt that a backstage position is awaiting him no matter what he chooses, and he is wished all the best of luck.


The 1000th episode of Smackdown is around the corner on October 16th and is being held in Washington DC, the hometown of Batista, who had something to say this week on twitter about his lack of invitation to the event:

It just goes to add on to what I was saying last week that the WWE have always mistreated Batista. Here’s hoping this is all a work and that Batista will be on our screens at the 1000th episode in a few weeks time.

WOS Ratings

Yet again the ratings for World of Sport Wrestling are in for the 15th September edition and they are at an all time low. At a different start time of 4pm WOS garnered just 0.3 million viewers. This is the third change in time slot for the struggling ITV revival in just as many weeks. Once again, this week episode did not have any major competition on at the same time, with the premier league football games having finished an hour previously.

The inconsistency of air times, coupled with the lacklustre production and storylines of the product have to give ITV cause for concern. Only time will tell if this 10 episode run is the last we see of the WOS.

Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie McMahon speaking at the SBJ Game Changers conference this wee was quoted as saying:

“We’re successful for one reason only: We listened to our audience.” 

Perhaps in 1999 this statement was true, today however… well I’ll let you make your own minds up.