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Weekly Wrestling Roundup – Crown Jewel, Triple H Injured, UFC, Wrestlemania 35

Weekly Wrestling Roundup – Crown Jewel, Triple H Injured, UFC, Wrestlemania 35


 Crown Jewel

Although this event should never have happened in the first place, following the controversies surrounding WWE’s relationship with Saudi Arabia, it did.

From the all-American “World” Cup, the loss of Roman and the refusal of Bryan and Cena to go to Saudi Arabia this show was on a doomed trajectory and it lived up to it quite radically.

Hulk Hogan

Hogan has been gone from WWE tv since 2015 following the leak of a sex tape which showed him, un-prompted, firing off a racist tirade. Further controversies followed after an earlier recording was leaked in which he said to his then jailed son Nick that he hopes neither he nor Nick get reincarnated as black people.

WWE’s decision to bring Hogan back from this is completely tone deaf, and to do it at an already controversial event is equally astounding. Hogan came to the ring at Crown Jewel as “host” to his ‘Real American theme music’ – once again, the tone deafness of the entire thing is incredible.

Hogan hasn’t drawn in nearly two decades, I’m sure people will pop when his music hits in future as he undoubtedly a legend but whether 2018 WWE needs Hulk Hogan is doubtful.

The World Cup

WWE’s world cup tournament to determine the “best in the world” was a farce from the start and with the exclusion of all non-Americans it was quickly a laughing stock. To top it all off the winner was not even on the card… it was Shane McMahon… This was completely out of left field and not in any kind of good way.

The best thing to come out of this is that after his victory somebody opted to have a little fun with Shane’s wiki page….

Brock Lesnar and UFC

Back to the reign of terror of Brock we go. This match was a cluster from the start, Baron Corbin smashed Braun from behind with the title before Brock unleashed a flurry of F-5’s. One throwing Braun over the top rope – which looked rather brutal.

I cannot get on board with them not putting the belt on Braun here unless it is used to catapult Drew McIntyre in some manner, even then it just screams out one solid F-U to the fans.

Brock is obviously set to fight in UFC next year, reportedly against Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier; Cormier called Brock out this Saturday, telling him he should bring the Universal Title to UFC for D.C to win that too.

Triple H Injured

During his match at Crown Jewel, Triple H was thrown over the top rope when it immediately became clear that he was hurt as he grabbed at his right shoulder and chest and was checked at ringside by medical staff.

It has since been reported by PWI and WON that Triple H suffered a torn pectoral and that as a result this may have thrown any Wrestlemania plans up in the air. If surgery is required, it may mean Triple H is not back in time for ‘Mania and any proposed match with Batista.

Triple H reportedly flew directly back from Saudi Arabia to the USA for medical evaluation – missing the current European tour.

Wrestlemania 35 Tickets

WWE announced that Wrestlemania 35 tickets will go on sale on Friday November 16th at 10am E.T.

VIP travel packages are on sale today November 5th at 12 noon E.T.

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